Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fashion Finds - June 2016 Edition

I feel like I haven't done one in a very long time, but here are a few of my recent fashion finds that I wanted to share with you guys & also how I shopped for these items.

Pictured on the left

Brandy Melville Studded purse
One of the most coveted pieces of Brandy Melville that a lot of girls are STILL trying to get their hands on. They do not sell this in stores anymore so the only way you can get your hands on these are through sample sales (at least that's what I heard) and the internet. I've seen them on ebay, poshmark, and a lot of other selling websites. But what I did notice is that a lot of the sellers marked up their prices. This is common when searching for items that are in hot demand (supply and demand ring a bell?). This bag retailed for $35 or so but now I see them on sale for $50-60 & even more! It made me totally regret not buying it when I saw it in stores many moons ago. But why did I join this hype? Well here are my two cents on why this bag is great. It's trendy. Duh G, that is why everyone wants it. Well not only trendy but it's simple with a punch. The studs give it a great accent and it's not too crazy because it is hidden at the bottom. This is right up my ally. another thing is that it is pretty well made. It's hard sometimes to find a decent quality inexpensive bag. Also the size is perfect. It may seem small but when you start shoving all your junk, I mean things into it, it will literally fit EVERYTHING (minus your laptop). Plus it's a knock off of the infamous Alexander Wang Rockie. What's not to love about that bag? Now how much did I pay for? $35 flat shipped. To me this is a good deal because it is not available in stores or on their own website and you most likely would have to buy it off of someone. Since a lot of the bags were marked up so high when I found this seller on Mercari, I thought it was too good to be true. I think I even negotiated with her. It was brand new, even came in a dust bag with labels and all. I know it is same as buying it at the retail price but the $35 also came with the purse being shipped to my doorstep. I didn't have to move my butt anywhere. So I bought it, and I don't regret it at all.

Shopping Tip: research because someone always has a better price. Don't go overboard and wait couple years to buy something but find a few reasonable listings and negotiate if you can to get the best deal!

Pictured on the right

Dooney Bourke Pebbled Vintage Purse
Dooney doesn't make purses like these anymore. This is a vintage design from back in the day. Not so hard to find but hard to find in a good price these days. A lot of second hand sellers and stores sell them for probably about $50+ This beauty I found at a thrift store for 14.99. However, I paid $1.00. How? Thrift stores! A friend of mine introduced me to a thrift store that is a chain - a concept I never really heard of except for like good will or salvation army. Not only is this place a chain but they also have coupons? like whaaaattt? They day I went they had a promotion where everything was 50% off and then I had a coupon for $10 off my purchase because I was referred to by a friend for signing up on their app (yes they have an app as well). So I picked up a few other items along with this bag and BAM! The cost was so little I couldn't even handle it.

Shopping Tip: THRIFTING! Something that I've only recently gotten really into. Someone else's garbage can end up being your treasure. Check out your local thrift stores for interesting pieces.

Calvin Klein Bralettes
Yes these are slightly different than the ones you usually see because the lining with the logo is a bit thinner, but trust me, these are exactly the same. They are just as comfortable and absolutely amazing. No these are not knock offs. I purchased this as a set in TJ Maxx and they were less than $20.

Shopping Tip: Go to stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, etc. to find designer pieces. Their prices are affordable and the pieces are great. Certain things may be "last season" but who cares?!?!!

Victoria Secret Work Out Pants
Also pictured above are a pair of gray work out pants from VS. Super comfortable SUPER versatile. I honestly wear these as regular pants as well because it's just so comfortable and great for lazy day outfits.

Shopping tip: Pick items that are verstile/multi-functional. You will get more bang for your buck!



Banana Republic Floral Dress, #3 shorts, #2 floral pants
I put all these in the same category because they were all from Banana Republic, and my shopping tip for this group is the same as well. Beautiful as these items look, the prices was beautiful as well. Banana republic has a lot of sales, and along with that a lot of coupons and rewards that comes with having their stores credit card.

Shopping Tip: Coupons and Rewards from store credit cards. You hear horror stories about having too many credit cards and not being able to keep in track, but if you shop at a certain store all the time, you mind as well open up their credit card (if they have one) and collect the rewards. Usually it depends on how much you purchase at the store but in the end it'll all add up and you'll get a lot of benefit from it.

Zara Long black Button Town
This is not only great for fall or winter time, but also the summer. The flowyness of the piece makes your outfit breathable and lets the wind rush in. Zara was having one of their big sales were half the store is on sale and bought this piece for $19.99.

Shopping Tip: Wait for sale periods. Stores like Zara, Victoria Secret, Forever21, any store you can think of will have an annual sale or a HUGE sale of some sort to get rid of inventory. There is always going to be that one big sale that will break or bank probably but you'll get a "bang for your buck."

Triangl Neoprene Bikini
I honestly don't know the name of this particular style nor do I really care so yes I bought into the hype. And the hype is real - now I can see why. This swimwear is amazing quality and very comfortable. the most comfortable I've worn yet. Although the price is pretty steep, I see it as an investment piece. I mostly likely won't wear any other swim suit besides this one.

Shopping Tip: Investment. This may not seem like a 'discount' tip but it is also a very crucial one. Making an investment on a expensive good quality piece may save you money in the end. Instead of buying cheap quality things repeatedly that will only save you money temporarily - you should buy pieces that will last you a long time. And for this to work, invest in pieces and items that are classic and won't go out of fashion. So no trendy items! Trends come and go. Go classic.

"Stop Following Me" T-shirt from Forever21
Basics are a must. This is not exactly the perfect basic T-shirt but it is enough to state my point. Basic top will go with anything and everything; especially neutral colored pieces. Pair it with some crazy prints and you'll be golden.

Stay tuned for an upcoming lookbook styling White Ts. 

Shopping Tip: Get Basic. Basics goes with everything and anything (you just said that). It's true, one basic T-shirt can be turned into at least 100s of outfits to mix and match and this will save you money rather than buying multiple crazy print outfits. Do the math!

Check out my online shopping tips for more tips and tricks!


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