Saturday, January 17, 2015

{REVIEW} Kiss Me Organics: Green Tea Powder

 Kiss Me Organics: Culinary Grade Organic Matcha - Green Tea Powder 

Photo cred: Kiss Me Organics

Photo cred: Kiss Me Organics

About the Product 
From Kiss Me Organics

Its 100% organic, tested for purity, and contains up to 137x the antioxidants found in a cup of brewed tea. 

Health Benefits:

1. ALL DAY ENERGY & FOCUS: Lift your vitality and concentration with the slow release natural energy from Organic Matcha

2. CALORIE BURNING BOOSTER: Support your weight loss goals with an all-natural way to increase your body's metabolism

3. LATTES | SMOOTHIES | BAKING: Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder arrives in an easy-to-use airtight health grade packaging allowing for as much or as little use as you need for any occasion. Enjoy a relaxing latte in the morning, bake a dozen cupcakes or simply add a small boost to your morning smoothie

4.Up To 137x ANTIOXIDANTS OF BREWED GREEN TEA: USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea can only be used in a powdered form because, unlike brewed green tea, it contains the entire tea leaf which dramatically increases the nutritional content.

My Words:
Green tea is the way to go. Green tea lattes, green tea cheesecake, green tea kit kats, and the list goes on. I was especially attracted to this product because it claimed to have "calorie burning boosting" properties. I am trying to tone my body and loose a little weight for the new year so I decided to try this product out. I don't think I've been using this long enough to see these benefits yet.

Also, I don't like coffee so this is a great replacement! It definitely boosts energy!

I can't really attest most of the health benefits that is listed on the product at this moment in time because I have only been using this for a short period of time, but I will be using this continuously to see if their claim is true. Plus it's definitely yummy.

When you buy this product, it comes with a pdf file of many different recipes (+50) to incorporate this in. Lattes and Smoothies were my favorite ways to use this product. Very Tasty, giving a clean green tea flavor. I am looking forward to baking with this as well. You can't go wrong with some good green tea cupcakes!

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*disclaimer: product was provided by Kiss Me Organics, but words are 100% my own*



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