Tuesday, August 19, 2014

[REVIEW] Dream Eyes Contact lenses (Spookyeyes.com)

Distributor Company: "SpookyEyes.com"
Distributor Location: UK

I opened the package without taking picture first

excuse the lighting, makes my eye make up look mismatched

Brand: "Dream Eyes."
Color: "Natural Shine Violet Contact Lenses"
Diameter: 14.2
Validity: 12 months
Made in: Korea
FDA Approved

I have brown eyes - they're not too dark. When I first put the lenses on without make up - I kinda scared myself because I just looked like an alien. But once I put my second face on, with the right make up look, these lens looks ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. I loved the purple color and the design that the lens gives. It definitely makes your eyes pop! They are very similar to circle lenses because they make the diameter of your iris bigger, which then makes your eyes look bigger. 

They are SUPER COMFORTABLE! I've tried circle lens before and I don't remember the brand that I used in the past but it was always itchy and I can feel that I had something in my eyes. But these feel like normal contact lenses and I can barely notice them. The is so vibrant especially in the sun and really accentuates a look. 

The only set back is that I wish these were prescription. I have bad eyes so I can only wear these with glasses, however it is not a bad thing because it'll make the eyes subtle and okay for everyday wear. 

Make up: foundation and eyeliner only

SpookyEyes.com has variety of beautiful and crazy contact lenses for just about any occasion.

The pair I also fell in love with were the "Pretty Hazel Big Eyes Contact Lenses" - I like the way the lenses can really accentuate brown eyes and make them sparkle. Definitely going to try those out next.

Make sure you read their Contact Lens Information and Safety to ensure the best quality and usage of their lens. (Directions and information can also be found inside the box - just be careful when opening it so you don't rip any of the info).

*Sponsored by SpookyEyes.com but words are 100% my own*


  1. The lenses are looking absolutely gorgeous on you. Loved your honest review :)

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