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Oh  Hi. My name is gracery (grace-sir-ree), author of "The gracerysh0p." Class of 2014, with a Pharm D degree making my way in life. With all the craziness in my work life this is my escape.

I am Korean American from the New Jersey area however, currently residing in Boston. Even if I look young in my photos, I am in my mid twenties; still living young and free! I love to dance any form: from ballet to hip hop to twerking - 'HOLLA ATCHA GIRL!"; I am so kidding about the last part, I think. Ahem* My dream is to travel around the world and really experience life. I hate being trapped in one place for a long period of time.

Photography and Fashion is my second passion. And without a doubt, it's my love. Artsy fartsy is what I aim to do here since I didn't pursue it as my choice in career. Anything from taking photos, water color painting, DIY/Fashion projects, and the list is endless. 

I've noticed lately I am very emotionally driven so most of the time I try to keep quiet until I calm down but of course everyone knows keeping things bottled in isn't very healthy. So with a lot of struggles in my life, a form of art was always my outlet. I get inspired by my own experiences as well as just about anything  around me. My favorite thing to do is go out on a beautiful day and just get plugged into my music and walk around the city alone. Sounds lonely huh? But its a great way for me to have a personal day and really get inspired. With my neon orange notebook, 'White chocolate Mocha' drink and some smooth jazz/r&b/ballads I'm strolling down Newbury St.

I'm not sure if this blog has a set label because it has potential to fit in all sorts of categories. Although the 'fashion' aspect is the more prominent feature, this blog provides all sorts of posts of many different things girls/women can relate to. From life advices to beauty and fashion advices. Whatever the women demographic is interested in, they can find here.

The gracerysh0p is a personal blog that I started because of my love for fashion. #OOTD on Instagram was my favorite thing to do (and still is). I thought why not combine my two loves together (Fashion & Photography) into one place and share my personal style. I've always been inspired by other fashion bloggers, so why not share a taste of my own medicine to the world? Fashion is probably the main focus, however you can find other posts about such as DIYs, beauty, travel, lifestyle, etc. or even very personal posts here at the gracerysh0p.

Hope you get to know me better & I can get to know ya'll!


How did you come up with The gracerysh0p?

I think around high school I thought of the nickname "gracery." It was unique from the other typical Grace nicknames like "gracie" "graciepoo"etc.
When my friends and peers heard about the nickname they actually teased me by saying "grocery" instead of "gracery." And then it hit me.

"gracerysh0p" "grocery shop"

I thought it was cute and clever so the name just stuck around. Oh & I try to keep the "g" a lower case because I never liked the look of the capital "G." 

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