Thursday, August 11, 2016

Feel like a mermaid on land with AQUATION - Super moisturizing Super hydrating [REVIEW]

Another brand I've never heard of and never would have tried without this opportunity and boom, game changer. This literally makes you feel like a mermaid on land. The hydrating effect is so good that no moisture will leave your skin.

If you've been here for awhile I've talked about my skin type. It is very sensitive to products and I have super dry acne prone skin. I have a lot of blemishes from past breakouts and acne scars. So finding a product that works for me is hard sometimes. & if it works in the beginning, after awhile it just stops so before this review I used it for sometime before reviewing to get the full effectiveness of the product.

Cleanser - Reminds ms of the Cetaphil cleanser, however, the feeling of this cleanser is a bit more heavy to the touch. BUT, once washed off it doesn't leave any residue, it only leaves your skin super smooth and clean. Doesn't have a scent and it's very gentle on the skin.

Cream - This cream reminds me of First Aid Beauty. In my opinion it's an affordable dupe. It leaves your skin little heavy in the beginning but it quickly goes away. I like this because you can tell it's keeping the moisture sucked into your skin. If the short term heaviness bothers you - definitely use it at night and your face will be so supple and smooth in the morning.  I also love the packaging! It's a pump! So sanitary and efficient.

Lotion - For those who want less of that heavy feel of the cream, try this one out. Does the same thing  but thinner consistency. You can also use these product on other parts of your body not just your face! Multi-functional and a bang for your buck!

I highly recommend these products. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and I haven't even touched my higher end products even as a back up plan so you know these are working! If you're looking for products solely for acne prone - I wouldn't recommend these products alone because I think these are just for cleansing in general. But if you add on a acne product along with these, I'm pretty sure it'll do that job keeping your face super clean and smooth. Just like the name "Aquation" it keeps your face super moisturized like a mermaid on land - no need for extra hydration because the products alone are enough.


Disclaimer: Products have been provided to me by Aquation but words and opinions are 100% my own

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