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Poshmark, Vinted, Mercari, Depop updates

I previously wrote a post about three selling apps that I started to use at the time [can find the link here] - now I am back with an update! A lot has changed since I started using these apps (it's been like a year) and I found new apps as well so here is my UPDATED review on each app. I will only touch up on updates and things that have changed since the last post and also things I've learned the past year using these so for more information - go to the link I provided above to read the older post for basic details.


I have had my best luck in sales with this one. I am not sure if it is just because it has been around for awhile and more people know about it or it is just have I gravitate more towards this one because my 'closet' for my other apps don't get much volume coming in - not sure but Poshmark has been my go to for majority of my sales.

    • I noticed the shipping price did increase since the first post. Now it's the normal cheapest 'flat rate' USPS shipping price of $5.95 which inclines people to negotiate more on the prices.
    • I actually don't see anywhere saying that there is that "free shipping on prices over $500" anymore so it may be gone?
    • I've been "warned" twice because PEOPLE  CAN'T READ all the descriptions and claim that I falsely advertised. And it's been awhile since I got those warnings and it hasn't gone away. So the "warnings" you get kind of just stays with you on your 'Closet stats." #buzzkill
    • I know last time I said you can sell "ANYTHING" but now it's more "acceptable." There are more categories  of listing you can make while back then, technically it was only suppose to be clothing... oops.
    • Of course the same rules apply. No used make up, no used undergarments. Common sense right?
  • Wholesale portal
    • there's a wholesale portal area where you buy things in bulk from sellers to sell in your own shops
      • go to "retail tools" --> "wholesale portal"
      • You must be "retail certified" by poshmark
  • Discount on bundles
    • Seller can put discounts on their closet for bundles!
    • This helps minimize shipping cost and lure in customers
  • Bundles in general
    • you can put listings from the same shop into bundles & purchase the bundle!
    • usually it'll be discounted if the seller sets up a discount price
  • Green $ button
    • There is green $ on the right corner that manages your earnings!
    • A great shortcut than before!
Here's a few poshmark closets I enjoy


Having been using this much lately. I don't sell much or buy from this app.
Has forums that you can communicate and grow a community and network.

  • VIDEO LISTINGS! Like whoa!
  • Layout has gotten a lot prettier
    • Added sections
      • trending: Shows what's in style and they show you items of people that are trending at the moment. 
      • my feed: look at only the brands and closets you "follow"
      • browse: literally what it means haha
  • Can meet up instead of shipping if you're in the same area
    • be careful though~
  • You can delete comments on the listing without a trace. For me it only works on my computer, not via iphone
    • Not sure if this is a change but I don't think I listed it before in my previous post


I have sold only one thing through this app but I have purchased a lot of vintage cameras! This is my go to website for old cameras.
  • I still like this one because you can choose your own shipping price. They also use paypal so no credit information needed!
  • Not much seemed to have changed
Few Vinted closets I enjoy

  • heyclaire
  • songofstyle
  • eggcanvas
  • coolvintagecameras
    • ^ my go to guy for vintage cameras


This is the newest one I have so far and only really use it if someone wants discounted price on a listing of other apps I re-list it here because Mercari has NO SELLING FEE!

Here's my pros & cons

  • No selling fee - like YASSSS!
    • I believe it's still in it's beta phase so no selling fee - go crazy
    • You can pick a set shipping method/price OR ship it on your own!
  • You can delete comments
  • Vast amount of categories you can sell like VAST
  • For some reason - compared to the other platforms, this is the most complicated to use in my opinion. I do not like how it's kind of complicated to use - I rephrase, it's not as simple to use as the other apps. You need to go within a link within a link (yes x2) to find a sections which sometimes doesn't even relate.
  • No Stock photos
  • You can delete comments, but it'll leave a section saying "comment deleted by seller"
    • If you're OCD like me, that's annoying :p
  • This too has no "private message" section - everything is public.

Helpful hints update:
  • Beware of scammers - not only just people who take your money and run but scam listings. A lot of the things I bought from certain people were not as described and just subpar. Unless it's brand new with tag, don't expect the best of the best condition. 
  • Ask ask ask a lot of questions - I believe I said this before but ask questions before purchasing. However, don't be annoying and then not purchase. Ask questions with the intention of buying. Please don't waste people's time.
  • Be nice - I know sometimes you call people out on their price because it is ridiculous, but maybe they have a reason of the overprice. And, to be honest, overpriced listings won't attract people and nobody will buy it. No need to state the obvious and post on their listing and be completely mean about it. It's just petty :p Just say 'nuh uh' and move on with your day. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing pictures definitely attract buyers. You're selling stuff so you really got to SELL IT to the customers. 
  • List the item a little higher (but at a reasonable price still) - gives more wiggle room to negotiate as well as if you gain interest from people and they like or heart your listing, when you decrease the price they are notified and it'll spark interest. 

Benefit of having more apps is probably the exposure. You have more variety of people and just more access to different people. This may be good, but it is also a hassle keeping up with all 4 apps. But in the end it's entirely up to you to choose which apps to use.

Shopping wise - I think they're all pretty great besides the cost of shipping on certain apps.


**disclaimer: I am not sponsored for this review. I don't know 100% logistics of each app so try it out for yourself or read the FAQs on each app/website!**

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