From Grace With Style

I originally thought of this name hoping to "rebrand" myself. "The Gracerysh0p" has been my identity for so long but I didn't feel like it was allowing myself to really progress and move up in the blogging community. The idea at first was to show the world me. It was all about me. But now I want to try a new path. I want to make this a place for a collaboration of dreams. I know there are a lot of girls like myself who wants to try and step foot in this field but doesn't have the time, money, equipment, etc. But I want to make this a place for a sisterhood of fashion lovers. Specifically want to focus on faith as well. What I learned this year was how important community is and with this I want to build a community of girls with the same interests, passions, dreams, and just connect that with God's vision for us with our gifts and talent.

As the name says, 'from grace' 'with style.' It is suppose to be broken into two phrases. The first part 'from grace,' not only is it my name but I feel as through God's grace is what inspired me to think of this concept. And it is because of Him that I want to keep this going. I know that the 'fashion' has a very superficial worldly reputation, but I want to more so build a humble atmosphere with whoever I will be working with and really be able to connect on a more spiritual level. A place to share experiences and testimonies. Also, just have fun and be sisters!

Second part 'with style' is pretty much self explanatory.

So if you're interested in fashion blogs, fashion youtube channels and always wanted to just even try one for yourself? CONTACT ME and we can make arrangements to make it happen.

Looking for
Photographers, Videographers, models, etc!

*I will only reply to emails regarding this segment*

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