Monday, June 6, 2016

thegracerysh0p Golden Guide to Online Shopping

A lot of us get a little carried away when it comes to online shopping. It's so easy to just use the mouse and click click click. Once you add all these items you feel so powerful because for the time being it is almost yours. And then you let part of your will power go and do some more clicking and then you end up at the "order confirmation" page and oops damage is done. 

I have a few tips for you about online shopping in general - tips on being a smarter online shopper as well as help budgeting I guess. 

If you already have an intention to buy specific things, half of these tips may not apply but few tips toward the bottom might! If you are to lazy and literally just buy what you want, the tips towards the bottom may help for you too.

All in all, I want ya'll to enjoy the convenience of online shopping without making certain mistakes, because I have already made them for you :p

  • Get Inspired
    • Pinterest - check out fashion boards (and even create your own!). Get ideas of outfits and inspiration. 
    • Haul videos of your favorite YouTubers
    • Check out your favorite celebrities and stylist (instagram, google, magazine, etc.)
  • Plan 
    • Plan out what you want to buy. This can help you save time and money. 
    • Of course just browsing on the website is fine too, but planning out what you like will save a lot of time because websites are bigger than stores. 
  • Your style
    • know what you like 
    • pay attention when you try on things at the store; what style fits and what styles don't
    • If you want to be daring, go for it
      • just keep in mind the return policy incase you don't like it
  • Buy what you LOVE, not what you 'like'
    • Be intentional with your purchases
      • This applies to those on a budget - if you don't have a budget and no spending max - go crazy girl
    • A lot of girls have this issue where we buy something on a whim because we "like" the item and never even reach for it in our closest.
    • This is obviously a waste of money for something you could have bought that you really love
  • Mix it in
    • When picking items, think of an outfit in your head. If you can't mix it in with what you have, you may not really need it.  
  • Make a wishlist & sleep on it
    • wishlists kind of give you a guide of what you actually want to buy and what you just think is cute
    • Sleep on it & ponder on it for a bit - but don't wait too long, because if it's a hot item, it'll sell out!
  • Leave it in your cart
    • Certain websites that I've noticed will give you a coupon code if you leave items in your cart because they want you. Yes, you are a wanted person.
  • Sizing
    • size chart
      • not all stores run the same - and even within each store certain items are not sized the same
        • For example: forever21 and the love contemporary line sizing is a big difference so look out for that
      • check the size chart or pay attention when you're in the actual store. 
    • reviews
      • Reviews often tell you how the item fits (negatives and positives)
    • model stats
      • models wears sample sizes (& they run small) so compare your size with the model's measurements in the picture and go from there
  • Pictures
    • Pictures on the website is the item looking it's absolute best
      • don't be fooled by the picture alone
    • Parts of the picture is not showing? BEWARE
      • Suspiciousssss
  • Time and money
    • Think about realistically how many times you are going to wear it - divide the days by the cost and you'll get a number that shows you how much the item is really worth. 
    • This seems very OCD but when you're purchasing more expensive things, it may come in handy to make you feel better about your purchase :)
  • Return policy
    • most websites have a decent return policy
    • some even can return to the store!
    • Check out their FAQs pages
  • Shipping cost
    • majority of websites have "free shipping" when you buy a certain amount
    • if you don't reach the amount, get some friends to order with you!
    • There is also this website that I haven't used yet but I heard it refund you the shipping costs for certain websites without having to buy the full amount required. I must look more into this. 
  • Check other sites
    • May find similar and CHEAPER!
  • Coupons
    • If you're shopping online - there is a GOOD chance that there is a coupon or a good deal out there. 
    • Just do a little searching and you'll find at least one
  • Subscribe!
    • I know those emails from companies are annoying but subscribe to the emailing lists of your favorite stores! You'll get special deals, coupons, and information about upcoming products and such without moving your butt.
  • Ebates
    • cashback! 
    • Instant discount-ish
    • My review here
    • Sign up here
  • Reputable websites
    • I will be doing a separate review on where to shop and where to NOT - to help give you an idea of certain websites that are just a no-no. 
    • All these Facebook ads and such showing you beautiful pieces are usually just to draw you in and then take your money and give you sh*t
      • a lot of them are also scams - so don't click!
      • or if you're not sure - read reviews of the website itself first
A lot of these tips seems like a lot of work, but if you are on a budget and want to be smart about online shopping follow a few of these steps and maybe you can benefit.

Happy shopping ladies (&gents)


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