Thursday, May 19, 2016

Start of something new

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Welcome to the gracerysh0p! I wanted to make an announcement that thegracerysh0p will be trying out a new direction. I have been planning, contemplating, revamping thegracerysh0p for months because I felt that thegracerysh0p didn't have a solid identity. I was struggling because I have been so busy with the start of a new job, the stress, creativity block, all the above. But this is a start.

I am a shopaholic - first step is to admit that fact right? YAAASSSSS. Because of today's busy career-driven lifestyle many of us ladies [and gents] do not have a lot of time to go to the store and actually browse. We get out of the office when the mall closes and we're to tired to go anywhere after work. So due to all this a lot of online websites are making bank. Online shopping gives you the freedom to shop til you drop without anyone judging you and it's in the comfort of your own home! Who doesn't love that? Get a coffee, tea, or wine and just browse the massive interweb for something you want.

I am starting a series about online shopping or shopping in general. I'll be giving you tips and tricks to save money/time and just information about deals and steals.

I am going to have a list of all the places I shop at online with some information that I think is relevant and productive to an online shopper.  I will be categorizing each list by what you can buy - which are the best sites to buy certain things and such.

I will be continuing with fashion posts and things I have been doing in the past so don't worry.
(I make it sound like people actually read and look at my blog, but who knows, I'm just thankful for YOU being here!)

The plan is a post every monday and thursday and I am trying to squeeze videos in once every two week or so. I hope I can keep up with with this on top of my work schedule @__@ but this is something I enjoy doing so I'll be working hard.

I hope you enjoy this new journey with us at the gracerysh0p.


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