Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Maximalist turn minimal

Top of my shelf - i call it the girly zone

Photo from : Homey Oh My
Such a pretty blog about "homey" things :)

Minimalism seems to be a trend lately and just visually, it seems very calming. It is a look that I am in love with, however, converting is quite harder than I thought. I am a Hoarder. First step is to admit it right? I have A LOT OF STUFF and I love A LOT OF STUFF; I just keep buying more without realizing. So I want to share a few tips that I used to "declutter" my life.

My reasoning for "hoarding" and so far my "Solutions"
  • Sentimental value
    • #1 issue of hoarding in my opinion is sentimental value. If an object has sentimental value, it's just hard to let go even if it is completely useless - like a ticket stub or a cute gift box. 
    • Solutions: So far I went through this box I have of letters, cards, notes, anything handwritten that I kept since middle school and girl that was a LONG time ago for me. I got rid of maybe 1/8 before I gave up because there was just TOO MANY. Yes I have a problem. 
  • Collecting:
    • #2 issue is being a collector. Collector of makeup, toys, dolls, jewelry, etc. I LOVE collecting things for some reason because again, I love stuff (I sound so materialistic... maybe). I have a Hello Kitty collection, I have a vintage camera collection, sunglasses collection, like no joke. 
    • Solutions: I haven't found a solution for this besides the fact that I just have to stop. Maybe only purchasing very key unique pieces that you probably won't be able to get just anywhere. 
  • "oh~ I can use it later" - just to it to the side
    • Especially when it comes to clothes, I probably hoard this area the most. Fashion always comes and goes so I always keep a few (or a lot) of pieces that might come back into fashion. 
    • Solution: I sell clothing in good condition so at least I can get some money back and if the style comes back later, I have the funds to repurchase. Check out my selling app reviews here.
  • They are called 'exes' for a reason (this may only apply to those bad breakups)
    • Some of the gifts and things you get from your exes are really nice things, like that LV purse or tiffany jewelry so it's a little bit of a waste to just toss it or it's just too pretty. right?
    • Solution: Just let it go. I agree some of the things that I have received are very nice items and useable, but it reminds you of your ex, girl you gotta let it go. You don't need that constant reminders girl. & if you are not affected by it, then more power to you girl! Throw it out, or if you want to make a profit - sell it! 
Even though I did clear out A LOT in my room, it still seems like I have a lot of stuff. But I realized, I felt good after each small cleanse. Because of this small progress I want to continue to try to let go of things and be a semi-minimalist. I say "semi" because I can't commit to it 100% like those people that literally have two things in their rooms. I love shopping so that can't physically happen, however it's definitely a lifestyle that I want to incorporate. My goal is to continue to pursue this path until one day my room looks like the two pictures above. I bought that book about tidying up your life by that Japanese author and really want to commit to "letting unnecessary things go."  Plus after all this it'll save you A LOT of money.


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