Wednesday, December 23, 2015

[Review] ZeroUV - Sunglasses

For me personally, I can seem to ever splurge on a pair of sunglasses. I mean I've seen designer sunglasses are absolutely breathtaking but I can seem to bring myself to buy a pair so expensive. Especially me, because I just throw my sunnies in my purse like it's nothing. So my favorite is a pair that is good quality, good design, but fraction of the cost.  I forget how I discovered this site but I'm so glad I came across it. This post is not sponsored by the way; I purchased each pair of sunnies with my own money. ZeroUV is a website that sells a vast collection of sunglasses. They do have style that are very similar to the higher brand names without the name. Quality wise, they are pretty good - surprising actually. You kind of get what you pay for but it is definitely better than the ones you would find on the streets of NYC. I've thrown these bad boys in my purse which is FILLED with stuff and still are in good condition. I highly recommend this website.

Side note: Their customer service was quite impressive. They sent me the wrong sunglasses, but they fixed the issue perfectly. Responded to my emails and concerns promptly and they were very nice. 

Check out my sunglasses collection
(I have added many more  from zeroUV since I uploaded that video)

if you want to see an updated collection - comment down below


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