Thursday, December 10, 2015

Fashion = the Art of Confidence

Hello ladies,

So, ever hear about these so called "rules" of fashion? To me their just a dumb way to make everyone look exactly the same because you know, society outcasts the weirdos right?  But who makes these rules? Super duper fancy high end designer that made it to the top of the fashion food chain one way or the other and they think "I am superior" because I have "insert designer brand here" stitched a very itchy label on my back. Don't get me wrong I love these high end designers and brands and their work are breath taking; but what I am trying to point out here is that fashion is not about following the rules.

For instance take Jen Im from ClothesEncounters as an example. She dresses a little outside the box than normal folks and yet she is praised for her amazing uniqueness and style. You know what she has? Confidence.

To me it's about art and confidence. Fashion is a way to make a statement about yourself - on yourself. That quote "the world is your runway" is the truth. Why dress mediocre when you can make a statement. Your body is its own art piece because it is not identical as the person next to you.

So what I am saying is:
  • If it makes you comfortable, wear it
  • If it makes you happy, wear it
  • If it makes you feel sexy, oh hecks yea girl, work it!
What I am NOT saying is:
  • Dress like a slob to work. Of course different settings and environment "requires" you to wear certain things but it doesn't mean you can't put your own spin to it.
  • Do whatever the hecks you want. Be considerate of others. This seems like a rule but it's just common courtesy. Nobody want to be looking at your ladies goods "up there" and "down there" exposed to the public. Public decency needs to be considered just as a normal human being. 
  • Be dangerous. A chainsaw may be a huge statement piece but it is also dangerous. If your fashion piece hurts someone, it is saying something about yourself, but it may also just lead you to prison or a mental institute. You have been warned.
ANYWAYS. Be confident with what you wear. 

Confidence was never my forte but fashion was/is a gateway towards building that confidence.  It gave me a chance to be bold without having to really say anything. After awhile, I was known as the tiny asian girl wearing huge statement necklaces that basically played off as armor - & I like it.


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