Monday, March 10, 2014

DIY organizer

DIY Organizer

I always need ways to organize my things - especially at my apartment. I don't really have the funds to buy one of those nice acrylic or plastic ones, so I've invented my own with everything I had at home! I saved some money and got to be a little creative! Try it out! Recycling is good  or how I like to put it, "Up-cycling" 

Video is literally the WHOLE time I worked on this project + thought process SOOO it's a bit lengthy. Don't say you weren't warned. Enjoy!

Items you will need:
  1. Boxes/containers
    1. Boxes I used were from small gifts, a bible, naked 3 palette
  2. Fabric
    1. I used mine from other DIY (aka old clothes I don't wear)
  3. Hot glue gun or E600 OR fabric glue ( for when you have to glue the fabric on fabric)
    1. *** BE CAREFUL WITH THE GLUE GUN - I burned myself multiple times during the making so if you are young or don't know how to use PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have adult supervision/assistance
  4. Scissors
    1. *don't run with these

Make up brushes are held in place with beads to keep them upward

Any questions or comments - please leave them below

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