Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leather, Can't Get Enough - Forever 21 Haul

I've been shopping QUITE a lot with the start of the new year, especially with so many good deals and SALES!! mmm every girl's favorite word... This just came in the mail today (Jan 28 - but by the time I publish this post, it would be way after) & thought I'd do a haul. Not really into the whole video thing yet because I haven't purchased a good video camera but hey, pictures are worth a 1000 words right?

W. Cao Photography

Here's the box it came in. One of the bigger packages I've ever gotten from Forever21. 
& quite heavy

BUT as you can see, I didn't buy much.

First off, my new shades <3 I love love LOVE huge framed shades because I feel that my face is too elongated? haha whatever~ but I actually saw these at the store but the last pair was broken & you know how you can never find accessories you see at the store online or vice versa? BUT I FOUND THEM and they were perfection

I've been searching for a cheap dual sided mirror for about a year now because I broke my old one due to some regrettable circumstances. It was sucha nice one *sobs 
I wasn't looking for anything fancy - just one that did the job and BAM it only took 1 year. No big deal.

The infamous less than $2 cami. Does a solid job as a layering piece. Never complained about the quality even after multiple washes and you can never have enough white tanks.

Asymmetrical sweater. Very soft and comfortable! It's awesome for those lazy days where you just pair with some leggings and boots and you're off on your way!

ANOTHER leather jacket into my collection. I should make a leather jacket collection video or photoshoot or something. I have way too many! But how can you not love such a timeless piece. This one in particular was a little different from my other ones. It has a detachable faux fur collar and it is a lot warmer than I thought it would be. Best part, it was only $19.99!!

Other articles of clothing:
Stockings - I have no idea where
Beanie - Marc by Marc Jacobs

Don't mind the shoes. I wasn't in my apartment AND it was the only thing I had xP

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