Thursday, January 30, 2014

A handful of Pistachios can make you glow

When I was little, I remember being introduced to pistachios by my dad. It was one of his favorite snacks. He would take it out of the shells for me because I couldn't. HAHA. yes true story. It was absolutely delicious & then came pistachio ice cream... but that's another story. 

Anyways not only are pistachios YUMMY, but they are also quite healthy!!
  1. Skin care
    • Pistachios contains vitamin E which is essential for the integrity of cell membranes and gives you beautiful healthy skin.
  2. Reduce blood pressure
    • self explanatory
  3. Rich in Vitamins
    • E
      • Skin care! What girl doesn't love a beautiful healthy skin?  
      • Increase cell membrane integrity
      • Great antioxidant!
        • protect from harmful oxygen free radicals
    • B6
  4. Cholesterol
    • Decrease BAD cholesterol (LDL)
    • Increase GOOD cholesterol (HDL)
And these are only few of the many health benefits!

A funny story behind my experience with pistachios definitely showed the girly girl side of me. I was playing on the playground with my brother and I saw this girl with beautiful long nails. I was so intrigued and then she told me there were the fake nails that you put on with glue. The genius that I am thought I could use the pistachio shells as nails. I attempted to use Elmer's glue to put it on but obviously, it didn't work. My little dreams were crushed but not really. 

& To support my fellow Korean Oppa~

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