Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[24] Avenger's Bling Bling

Day 24


Her Reasoning: When we were watching a movie at the theaters - he totally geeked out when a trailer for this game came out. I kept asking him throughout the month if he was serious about this game - and he was. This was the follow up of the hammer for the previous gift on the 23rd. =)

His Response: NERD ALERT!!!! I've been wanting to get a few games and this one was near the top of my list. I think the Lego video games are really fun to play and they have all the Marvel characters. This is also multiplayer so we can both play and save the day.


His Reason: We went to her home for Thanksgiving and that weekend was also Black Friday. We went to the outlets nearby that weekend and took a look in Swarovski. She saw this Hello Kitty ring and said it was really cute so I bought it and wrapped it up for a later date.

Her Response: I was surprised he got it for me actually. I don' t know if he noticed - my eyes got huge and I blushed a little in front of him. It was like a sappy love story movie scene. Love it!

-Project WXG

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