Monday, December 23, 2013

[23] Zombie Hammer

Day 23


Her Reason - It's a Christmas themed Thor hammer! It has an "inscription on the side that says something along the lines of - The one who hold this hammer, hold my heart." Yea cheesy I know BUT it's actually a follow up for the next gift.

His Response: I had no idea what this was going to be. All you could see was a cardboard roll sticking out of a bag. I took it out and read the note and it was basically Thor's hammer made out of a box lol. The note said it was just a hammer and thinking it was just a joke I proceeded to take the wrapping off the "hammer" until she stopped me saying it really was just a hammer. I died laughing and she said this was just a set up to tomorrows gift. I can't wait to see what it is!


His Reason: We were walking through the mall and she spotted Zombie Hello Kitty like a mile away. She thought it was super cute but the shirt wasn't on our agenda that day. I went back another time and I also had it personalized with her name and one of her favorite numbers.

Her Response - I LOVE IT! I have a huge obsession for Hello Kitty and for some reason the "zombie kitty" speaks to me. It's cute yet very cynical at the same time. I have a decal on my macbook of Hello kitty innocently munching on an arm. The back of the shirt actually has my favorite # and last name :)


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