Saturday, December 21, 2013

[21] Cozy Cards

Day 21


Her Reasoning: I'm not one to really express my feelings or tell the other person I care even thought I really do so I thought it would be a cute gesture. Letting him know how I feel about him. Hello Kitty Cards was just a bonus!

His Response: She had bought the Hello Kitty playing cards at a crafts store a couple weeks ago but I had no idea what she was using it for. When I was opening the gift and saw the Hello Kitty design I was thinking in my head "She got ME Hello Kitty? I thought it was suppose to be the other way around!" Bu then I took the cards out and saw that it was 52 reasons why she loves. One reason for each card in a deck. Reading these made me cheese so hard but I needed it after a hard week at work. 


His Reason: We had originally found a beanie at the Nordstrom Rack by True Religion but didn't buy it at the time cause it was too expensive and we never saw it again. We found this beanie by Free People at Nordstrom Rack also and both agreed it looked good on her so I bought it.

Her Response: He knows me so well :)

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