Friday, December 20, 2013


Day 20


Her Reasoning: I've been trying to get him things he doesn't have already and probably needs. Since he likes dressy clothes I thought accessories would be appropriate to spice up his outfit. And also, since he likes his "Madmen" I thought this would be perfect.

His Response: My first tie clip!! And it's a Mad Men style one too! She remembered that I watch this show even though I've never watched it with her and I've hardly talked about it with her too.


His Reason: I saw this in one of those "Boston" type gift stores in the Prudential building and thought she could add this to her collection of random, cute items. *note: the jelly beans apparently aren't that good

Her Response: I LOVE TOBASCO sauce so this was cute - but it tastes NASTAYYY! LOL but it was cute doe.

-Project WXG

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