Friday, December 20, 2013

[17] Tiny Greens

Day 17


Her Reasoning: His favorite basketball team as a childhood comes back once again - but this time in a hat form. I got carried away with the wrapping :3 

His Response: Another item of my favorite basketball team from when I was a kid! I had a hat of the team back in elementary but lost it and I never got another one. I don't wear hats too often but I love this one and I now have a small collection of them.


His Reason: I was struggling to come up with ideas so I google searched "gifts for girlfriend" and stumbled upon this little item. It's a handmade Xmas Tree and Santa in a tiny bottle from Japan. I thought it was cute and figured she would too lol

Her Response: It was TINY. Like you probably needed a magnifying glass to see the details. It was amazing. I'm kind of scared of losing it. 

-Project WXG

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