Friday, December 20, 2013

[18] Topman's Facial

Day 18


Her reasoning: This guy just loves ties and dress clothes - that's almost all he buys. Thought I'd help him out with this "collection" xD I love Top Shop so I wanted to browse in the men's section to see if there was anything that would be suitable for him and this color popped out. It was between this or a red tie but he definitely doesn't have this color.

His Response: Ever since I had to start dressing up for labs and pharmacy rotations, I've been slowly adding to my professional dress attire. Most of my ties are of neutral colors besides an orange striped one. She got me this really nice skinny tie from Topman and it has sort of a greenish tint to it. Now I just have to find a shirt to pair it with!


His Reason: This was another item she needed from the body shop along with the facial wash. She was starting to run out of the facial mask so I got a couple more for her.

Her Response: Exactly what I needed! 

-Project WXG

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