Friday, December 20, 2013

[16] Past and Future Memories

Day 16


scan came out a little blurry but you get the idea - I wasn't actually able to finish my shirt on time

Her Reasoning: He's never been to Disney World before and that was quite a SHOCK. I've been to Disney World like 10+ times and LOVE it every time! We were talking about going one day maybe after graduation since we missed MidYear this year. So I hand painted two T-shirts (cheesy couple t-shirt) and gave one half to him! 

His Response: She hand made "he's mine/she's mine" Disney shirts for our (hopefully) future trip to Disney World! Can't wait to run around like a little kid wearing it haha


His Reason: She said she wanted a nice picture of either me or of the both us in picture frame to put on her desk. Since I wasn't able to get a photo showcasing my amazing modeling skills (:p) I used a photo of the two of us from the masquerade ball our school had.

Her Response: People just don't print out pictures these days because everything is all digitalized. As a photographer I really like printed copies of photos and putting them in frames. So I asked him for one. I like the photo he chose :)

-Project WXG

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