Friday, December 20, 2013

[15] Red Sox

Day 15


Her Reasoning: I really liked these pants on him but he didn't get them the first time. It's just something about maroon color that I really like on a guy. So I'd thought I'd get it for him since he wouldn't get it himself. 

His Response: I randomly tried on the burgundy colored dress pants from Express awhile back and she said she liked them on me. I was gonna buy it during a sale but they didn't have my size at the time so I gave up. But she got them for me and now my dress pant collection has some boldness to it.


His Reason: She told me she wanted a Red Sox jersey and we had been looking for one for awhile. While looking through some of the t-shirt style jerseys she came across Dustin Pedroia's shirt and she said for some reason his name spoke to her. So I found a World Series Pedroia jersey and wrapped it up in the shape of home plate.

Her Response: Baseball jerseys are cute! Not that I'm a huge fan of the Red Sox or anything but they iight~ However - living in Boston for 7 years already I've noticed how crazy and passionate bostonians are about sports. SOOO since I was working at the CVS near Fenway park at the time I really experienced the craze and excitement of the World Series.

-Project WXG

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