Friday, December 20, 2013

[14] Flaming Stars

Day 14


Her Reasoning: I was folding these on the train and some guy asked me what I was doing. I explained to him that it was for the boy. Folding these stars was quite a challenge - not because it was difficult but it really hurt my hand after awhile. But giving a bottle of stars to someone is giving a wish to them. I added in a note inside for him to write down his wishes. Not that I supersitious or anything but it's also very cute to put on the desk and just know someone took their time and heart to make this for them

His Response: The first thing I asked her was where did you find all those little paper stars to put into the bottle. She said she made them all by hand (she must've had major hand crampage). She said they're wishing stars and there was a little slip of paper where I could write down my wishes. I think the first item will be a BLT sandwich with spicy enchilada sauce...noms! 


His Reason: We were walking through the mall one day and she said she wanted me to smell this candle from bath and body works. So we go and she showed me this mint chocolate scented candle and it smelled AMAZING!!! She wanted to get it but it was a little pricey at the time so I waited for a deal and bought it. Got one for my mom too!

Her Response: I was introduced to this by ThatsHeart. I went to the store with the boy to test it out and WOW we both wanted to just eat it. I couldn't afford it at the time and was just going to wait until later and tehehe it came in sucha cute packaging with flameeessssss~~

-Project WXG

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