Friday, December 20, 2013

[13] Lieutenant Bold

Day 13 - Friday the 13th


Her Reasoning: Found this idea on pinterest but it was a little different. The tiger blue print was just so eye catching that I couldn't resist. He always been pretty safe with his clothing choices while me on the other hand is not. I like bold outrageous fashion. Not that I would want him to change for me or anything but it was a card saying to "be bold." Not only with fashion choices but also life choices. Playing it safe is okay but why not be a little adventurous. And not to brag - our journey has been pretty adventurous!

His Response: The way she's been wrapping gifts was that the wrapping hinted at what the gift might be. This time it wasn't. I guess she threw this one in here to throw me off lol. But the gift sort of has to do with clothing so it's kinda close haha. Anyway, there was a note inside with the main point being to be 'bold and daring'. And ever since we started dating my wardrobe has slowly moved beyond blues and other neutrals. I now own shorts that are red, green, yellow, purple, etc. And the sweater vest she cut out with the bow tie makes me want to try that outfit out too!


His Reason: We were shopping at Express one day and she couldn't decide between two items that she really wanted. So I just took one of them and said she'd get it on a random day :p

Her Response: What can I say, the shirt suits me :3

-Project WXG

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