Friday, December 20, 2013

[12] Kick in the Face

Day 12

Her Reasoning: He's a soccer guy. There was a time we wenet to H&M and he found the "David Beckham" line and went all nerdy about it. He bought a thermal the first time and I'd thought i would expand his "Beckham" line. Plus I'm trying to turn him into a hipster~~ HAHA just kidding. 

His Response: The way she wraps the gifts and the theme with which she wraps the gifts seems to be a clue as to what I might be getting *saying this in a Sherlock Holmes voice (Robert Downey Jr. or Benedict Cumberpatch take your pick). Anyway, the soccer paper on the outside tied into David Beckham, who has a fashion line with H&M. Now I got 2 beanie caps to keep my head warm this winter!

His Reason: This was another one of those items I cheated on by asking her if there was anything she needed from amazon so I could get free shipping lol, but she wanted the face wash so it worked out in the end.

Her Response: Heard really good reviews on this facial scrub - especially for people with oily skin. Kinda told him I wanted this or rather "hinted" hehe 

-Project WXG

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