Monday, December 9, 2013

[10] - Bow and Arrow

Day 10


His Response:  She seems to be getting me stuff that I don't have in my wardrobe or that she just wants to see me wear lol. But I like the bow tie. It's nice and simple and I can't wait to pair it with a tux and do my best James Bond impersonation

Her Reasoning: I really like bowties on guys & I thought he would look cute in one - so I chose a simple black bowtie from The Tie Bar that he could wear with anything! I tried to make the bow on the wrapping myself - which turned out 'alright' I guess and the tux - well it was just to give him a hint of what was inside.


Her Response: He told me the wrapping was suppose to be something. I was thinking more towards a treasure chest or toy box. And then I took a wild guess - Tool Box. I opened it up and it was my very own pocket knife/tool! I've honestly always wanted one. For what reason? I'm not sure BUT I did. & it's pink!

His Reasoning: We were shopping in the mall one day and on our way she stopped for a second and went "oooh it's pinkkkkk" and that she actually needed a pocket knife too. I went back the next day to get it for her and tried to wrap it in a toolbox (epic fail).

-Project WXG

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