Monday, December 9, 2013

[09] - bling bling

Day 9



His Response: I was really surprised by this gift because I didn't know Aldo sold these. I've only ever bought shoes and an occasional tie from them. The chain is unique, especially with the two capsules at the end, which relates to us being pharmacy majors. 

Her Reasoning: As a pharmacy student... yea. LOL. It's a military type necklace. It was kind of risky because I've NEVER seen him wear any type of jewelry accessory BUT I thought it was cool! I got the silver box from the boy because he had extra left overs :3 


Her Response: He remembered the ones I wanted. I went to Brandy Melville to buy a bandeau and picked these up but dropped them because I didn't have enough money. hehe he remembered. 

His Reasoning: The store Brandy Melville opened up recently on Newbury Street and she wanted to go take a look. So we went one day and while she was looking around she spent a lot of time at the jewlery/accessories. She was going back and forth between a ring and a bracelet but ended up not buying either of them. I went back another time and got them both

-Project WXG

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