Sunday, December 8, 2013

[08] - Spicy Lips

Day 8


21 Men

His Response: I lol`d. I like this one better than the one we saw at Newbury Comics - which was of the actual Sriracha logo and bottle. This is different. I liked how she presented it in a hand made Sriracha bottle! 

Her Reasoning: He's likes Sriracha and he was REALLY into a shirt we saw in the past but I PERSONALLY didn't like it - so I was like no. LOL. I tried my best making the bottle. The top was kind of a fail but that's the best I could do with the limited supplies that I had. I also failed on writing the Viet characters so I just left it out. I didn't want to butcher the language >___<#


Her Response: Lipstick I wanted! Coral Ambition. I've been really into lipsticks these days and I lean more towards coral/pinkish colors! And this one had such a beautiful color!

His Response: This one I sort of cheated a little bit. I was ordering stuff from Amazon and needed a few more things to get FREE SHIPPING. So I asked her if there was anything she needed/wanted/waiting for/longing for. She gave me a list and I picked the lipstick because I knew she wanted/needed/longed to expand her lipstick collection. So I purchased this one because I thought the color would look good on her!

-Project WXG

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