Thursday, December 5, 2013

[05] - Pop Up Styling Ponies

Day 5


His ResponseReading the cover made me think this was one of those cards that would start singing or something when you opened it lol.This wasn't one of those cards but it did speak to me in a big way. "I<3U" pops out upon opening it with my name just under it. And in the corner was a personal note. I love the gift because it was able to hit all the emotional notes without having to be flashy. 

Her Reasoning - Trying to be artsy fartsy with a hint of intimacy with a nice letter. I was afraid that he would think it was lame but he liked it a lot more than I thought! I found the template on pinterest and I thought it was really cute. 


Her Response - I DIED LAUGHING! I unwrapped the first layer and automatically saw it through the tissue paper! I opened it fell in love with it more! damn my boy knows me. The child in me screamed my head off. 'My Little Ponies' doing the 'Gangnam style' dance! WHAT'S NOT TO LOVE?! 

His Reasoning I found the shirt on Spencer's online website. It's a cute tshirt with my little pony on it which she loves. And the ponies are doing gangnam style which I thought was hilarious.

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