Wednesday, December 4, 2013

[04] - Let It Snow~ Let It Snow~ Let it Snowww~~

Day 4
we both got winter accessories for each other :3


He forgot to take picture before he opened it. I guess it was too excited xD
So he rewrapped it

His Response: With this beanie cap I think I've now completed my list for winter items I've never owned. I bought myself a peacoat during Black Friday and her mom bought me my first scarf. I think I'm well prepared for the cold!

Her Reasoning: I've only seen him wear one hat and I thought maybe he needed another one to spice up his wardrobe. A HIPSTER beanie! Plus its reversible soo endless possibilities! It's actually a beanie that I bought in Japan couple years ago and I really liked it but I myself couldn't pull it off. So I actually bought it anyways to give it to a guy I like. You may think a beanie is nothing significant, but I like dem guys in beanies ^___~


Brand: Betsy Johnson
From Nordstrom

Her Response: I've never seen this kind of zip lock bag before!!! holiday edition!!! like whoaaa~~ Anyways this gift has everything like put into one. Leopard print, Bow, big chunky circle scarf <3 It's so soft and CHUNKYYY!!

His Reasoning: Nordstrom recently had a sale on their website and she sent me a bunch of links to items she thought were cute. Little did she know I saved some of these links so I could go back to them and get them later. TEEHEEEE

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