Sunday, December 8, 2013

[06] - Grecian Tree

Day 6


Urban Outfitters

His Response: I really liked the wrapping to this. Clearly inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. The gold paint was an inside joke between the two of us. The pink leopard trunks are really funny. Halloween costume next year? ;)

Her Reasoning: It is an inside joke between him and I. I thought the briefs were HILARIOUS. I made the gift wrapping a Grecian theme because he likes those kind of stuff.


The Body Shop: Tea Tree Face Wash

Her Response: When he handed me the gift I was thinking, 'why the heck is this so heavy?" So I opened it up and it was this. Tea Tree face wash. The packaging was creative and cute. I was running out of mine and I absolutely love this. I would recommend it to everyone!

His Reasoning: She really likes the facial products from The Body Shop and I knew she was running out of the tea tree face wash so I thought this would be a good gift, especially with the deals they have at the store. And I tried to be creative with the tree wrapping. Didn't turn out so well but it's the thought that counts right??

-Project WXG

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