Tuesday, December 3, 2013

[03] - Panda Plate

Day 3


His Response:  Fooled again! I thought I was getting a pizza lol. But the cuteness of the gift makes up for it. Her creative and artistic side continue to make me smile =)

Her Reasoning: I found the idea on Pintrest and didn't know you could just bake a normal plate in the oven. The design of the characters were actually from Miss Mindful! You guys should totally check out her instagram! I love her drawings and style! Again I do not own these cartoons! I took the character ideas from Miss Mindful and recreated my own scenario. I just redrew it on the plate and baked it. I thought it could be functional too, but no matter how much I baked it - it wouldn't completely stay on. LITTLE TINY bit scratched off. So I just suggest to the boy to get a plate display stand and just put it somewhere in his room. What a fail... only kind of. At least he liked it ^___^*

The drawing is obviously him and I - also with our future dogs we always talk about, Xavi & Messi. Both names of soccer players of his favorite team BARCELONAAAAA~~~~ 

The pizza box was just to throw him off guard tehehe


Her Response: I NEEDED this. I have a thing with poop particles... like ew. It splashes very far  from the toilet and can get on your tooth brush + I share bathroom with non-family members. Heck I don't think I would even want family member's poop particles on my tooth brush either, so you understand my hint of insanity. AND I was super sad my old one broke =( I had it for awhile. I was really happy when I opened my gift! Cute and functional and just what I needed!

His Reasoning: Her old Hello Kitty toothbrush holder recently broke so I decided to get her a new one. I went with the panda one to be different. I got her something that was cute AND she needed it so it was a win-win! 

-Project WXG

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