Monday, December 2, 2013

[02] - Gotta catch em all

Day 2


Handmade Pokemon card/pokedex

His Response: I had no idea what to expect when she first gave this to me. She told me to open it like a book and further increased my curiosity. Opening to the first caused a "LOL" reaction. But the second page took the cake. It was really cute :3 like my girlfriendddddd

Her Reason: My reason for making this is... 'WHAT ASIAN GUY DIDN'T/DOESN'T LIKE POKEMON?' hehe just kidding but no seriously? Weakness is actually the boy but had to blot out the name for privacy purposes. 


Lobster Poop = Red chocolate covered sunflower seeds

Her Response: hmmm toilet paper? and the #2? maybe because it's the second present? I open it and OHHHHH POOPP!!! LOBSTER POOP!!! hehehe so CUTEE!!! 

His Reasoning: She has a pet lobster. It clearly pooped into the container. (the lobster isn't real)

-Project WXG

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