Sunday, December 1, 2013

[01] - Words of Green Tea



T-shirt: Nordstrom

His Response: "After seeing the packaging, I thought it was going to be lots and lots of green tea bags. Until I opened it and found a 'green tee' lolz!"

Her Reason: My reason for getting him this particular shirt was because it was his favorite childhood basketball team that no longer exists anymore.
And the packaging... well you get it right? A 'green tee' in and 'green tea' bag!


Notebook: Barnes&Noble

Her Response: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! He remembered my favorite verse from the Bible! & I love notebooks! wheee!! even the pages are super pretty with christian quotes and bible verses on them!

His Reason: I was walking through Barnes & Noble trying to find her a new journal to write in cause I knew she needed one. I was looking at some of the old style looking journals when I saw this journal with her favorite Bible verse on the cover and knew that was the one!!!

-Project WXG

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