Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer days in CANADA #OOTD

Oh herroo, I wanted to share my outfits I wore on my trip to Canada. I went for about a week and I don't think I have 7 outfits because we were driving a lot in between. I will probably have another blog post about the actual trip and maybe a haul post too.

Anyways, Canada was awesome and the weather wasn't too much different from Boston during the daytime - hot, humid if it rained, HOT. But my favorite part was during the night - it was cool and breezy kind of like California weather. Depending on the day it was a little cooler so I did need to put on a cardigan or light jacket but overall, the weather was really nice.

First outfit was in Niagara Falls (Canada side obviously) and the weather was HOT! I don't even know why I wore the long sleeve button down but it was also windy at times so it wasn't so bad. I think eventually I took off the denim button down and just wore my grey tank top.
Top: Urban Outfitters denim button down
Inside: Banana Republic grey tank
Bottom: Abercrombie&Fitch crochet skirt
Shoes: Toms (Color: Petal pink - it's from the wedding collection)

Second outfit was in Toronto. It was a little cooler that day so I tried to go for something that is not too exposed but not too covered up either because it was still hot. So my long chiffon maxi skirt from Forever 21 and an asymmetrical white tank top (which probably can't tell because I tucked it in) - with a black tank top to layer. I wore my faux leather jacket also from Forever 21 because it got chilly later in the day.

Top: white loose tank
Skirt: Forever 21 (color: Indigo)
Belt: Forever 21 (came with a shirt)
Shoes: Sandals

Third outfit was in Montreal. It was a bit hot. I don't really have much to say here because I really didn't enjoy Montreal. Sorry Canadians.

Top: Forever 21 sheer high low leopard top
bottom: Urban Outfitters crochet shorts
Shoes: Jessica Simpson sandals 

Leopard chain from some shirt I got in Forever 21

Jewelry both from Forever 21

Fourth outfit was in Quebec City (Old). I wanted to go for a more girly look with this dress. Also because I thought it would look cute in pictures in Old Quebec City (hehe).

Dress you can probably find on Ebay

Inside: Bandeau from Forever 21
there are actually straps on the slides so you can really tie and cinch the dress and make a bow in the back

Crown ring from Ebay (~$1)

Belt again as mentioned before from Forever 21
Shoes (not pictured): I believe I wore my Jessica Simpson sandals mentioned above

My last outfit was for a second day in Quebec City. It looked like it was going to rain so I went for a sportier look. My favorite combat boots for the rain - (also because they needed to be cleaned a little haha), denim studded sleeveless button down, and white accented shorts! Oh and a scarf to just make it a little more girly? I don't really know why I added it but it seemed right at the time and I liked how it came together.

Top: INC studded denim sleeveless shirt
Bottom: Urban Outfitters shorts

Shoes: Nine West Combat boots
Scarf: I don't remember where this is from

Bag: Urban Outfitters leather back pack

The End.

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