Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chloe Grace Moretz!!

I'd never thought I would be saying this but, I met a celebrity!! The chances of bumping in to one in the US seems almost impossible because there's just so much land to cover, but last night was my night! I'm not trying to boast that I met Chloe Grace Moretz; I'm writing this post because I was just in shock and it was an honor meeting her.

I added specs because I looked like a slob 

I've admired her (as a actress DUHHH) for awhile. I think she's such a talented actress and absolutely stunning! I even follow her on Instagram... CREEP ALERT!! haha jk, who doesn't follow their favorite actress or singer on Instagram now a days. But yea, I knew she was in Boston, thanks to her Instagram and I was thinking in my head, particularly that day, "wow, it would be so awesome that if I bumped into her," and guess what... I DID!

Went to Red Hat last night for a friend's birthday for their 10 cents wings on Mondays (GO CHECK IT OUT!! haha it's pretty good!). You know just eating, grabbing a few beers, chilling with friends. I was sitting towards the back of the place and I noticed familiar people sitting at the next table, but I didn't think too much into it. Then Chloe Moretz gets up and faces in my direction and my eyes literally go O_O. I was in shock and my mind is racing and I tell my friends. WHOAAA

We asked her if we can take a photo with her and she was like "sure!" It feels hilarious that I was completely "fan girling" for a girl/actresss that is a lot younger than I am but it was great! She was absolutely beautiful inside and out!!

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