Saturday, July 13, 2013

Welcome to the graceRysh0p

Oh herrro,

graceRysh0p here! Welcome to my blog! Here's a little taste of what you may see here!

DIYs: I have a lot of old clothes just stacking up and for some reason I can't seem to give up. Soooo I revamp them! I use almost every part of the clothing for a lot of different projects. Take from old school style to whatever is in current fashion! Plus I do not have a sewing machine at the moment so I try easier ways to put everything together
Check them out on Youtube

Fashion: Since I was young, fashion was my other life! Of course I learned from the best (My Mother <3).

Make up: I'm not a make up guru and make up isn't my forte, however, I love it and can't get enough! Everyone has their own style just like fashion.

Nails: I LOVE DOING NAILS!! I don't use professional tools but I love designs!

Food: Fat girl at heart <3

Hauls: what can you say, a girl loves shopping!

I have a storenvy store

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