Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Etude House - Any Cushion Cream Filter [REVIEW]

The cushion hype is real and it's not going away any time soon because they're coming out with more and MORE products! Today I will be giving you a short review about the new 'Any Cushion Cream Filter.' What is different about this one is the packaging. It is not your average sponge with bb cream infused it but there is a netting on top giving you the perfect amount for each application. The sponge may give you an uneven distribution on the product but with the netting it gives you a even thing layer of product.

Now first off, how CUTE is the packaging. It's now a lot more sleek and compact than previous cushions but has the same amount of product. Also, it's PINK!

They did make a make up brush just for this product and it reminds me of the Real Technique contour brush from their metals collection. The brush is very dense but very soft!

  • Natural look
    • light to medium coverage giving you the "I woke up like this" look
  • Has more shades
    • I got the darkest shade "tan" and it works pretty well with my skin tone
  • Dewy finish
    • I have dry skin so this formulation is perfect for me - no dry patches
  • Lightweight
    • you can't even feel it on your face
  • Brush helps with coverage
  • Those sensitive to smell, may not like this product. It has a heavy floral scent to it
    • but me personally I love the smell
  • Light to medium coverage
    • again, this maybe a con to some people wanting a full coverage bb cream
  • Leaves sticky texture
    • I'm sure this is how it gives you that dewy look but it's too much for me.
  • Product transfer
    • this product does transfer on to things, so avoid hugging those with white shirts lol
  • Not sure how it's going to be one the product starts running out. At least with the sponge we would flip it over to get more product, but I'm not sure about the new one. Not sure how we will be able to utilize everything single drop of it's goodness. 
  • It does need time to oxidize 
    • meaning, you will have this white/grayish tint that will eventually go away and blend into your skin tone. 
Overall I give this product 4 out of 5 stars. The formulation can be better in terms of stickiness but I guess you can't help it if you want that dewy finish. I wish the coverage was a tiny bit better than what it is now but I can't complain to much.

Would I re-purchase this? MAYBE. This seems first of it's kind in terms of "packaging" next to the Missha one, so I can only see room for improvement, but I am happy with this product! 

Watch Demo video here

Blends out really well!

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