Monday, July 4, 2016

Roses are red, wrinkles give you the blues, I need more moisture in myskin, how about you?

"Roses" seem to be showering us with it's presence all over the place. As skeptical I may have been, I didn't see the significance of roses being a key ingredient in these products. But my views have changed.

As soft as a rose petal feels, these products will make your skin silky smooth.

Valentia - Royal Rose Hydrating Serum

This is a very light weight serum that doesn't leave any thick residue behind. Great for right under your make up. After application, my skin felt more hydrated and supple. The scent is exactly like the name. It smells like roses. Scent isn't too strong that you'll pass out from the fumes but just be aware that there is a scent to it that some people may not enjoy. 

Mario Badescu - 

I have started to like these spray toners and mists. Easy to apply and less product waste. This was the first product I tried from Mario Badescu and I have high hope for the other products as well. 

I apply this mist right when I get out of the shower when my pores are still "open" from the heat and my  face is still damp. I spray it on my face and just let it soak into my skin. Now I feel fresh and clean with the hint of rose scent. This leaves my skin soft and ready for the rest of my skincare routine.

The scent is not to strong so people with sensitive noses will not complain about this product. However, do not open your mouth right after application because the residual mist may still be in the air and you will taste it. I say this through experience guys :p

Apparently you can use this over your make up as well. I haven't tested that out yet but seems promising. I have a similar product from a different brand that I do use over my make up when I see those unwanted dry patches and it fixes it right up. I hoping this one does it.

Fresh rose face mask

I received this as the birthday gift from sephora and I'm on the fence. Just because I already found a more affordable alternative that seems to do pretty much the same thing. This particular mask though has real rose petals inside. 
The gel like consistency allows your skin to breath while it is slowly hydrating and rejuvenating your skin. The mask is so thing that after application you sort of forget that the mask is even on. It feels like a serum. It dries pretty quick but you will feel the slight sticky feeling on your face. 
When you wash the mask off you feel your hands gliding off your face because it's so silky and smooth (I am talking about the mask itself). But afterwards, your face is smooth and feel hydrated. Put on your favorite serum afterwards and you can call it a night.

The scent may be a little to strong for those with sensitive noses. The mask smells almost identical to a real rose with a hint of cucumber. Seems very bizarre but to me personally that is what it smells like. Check it out at your local sephora give it a smell before you purchase it.

InstaNatural - Rose Hydration face mask

This is very similar to the fresh rose face mask but more affordable and this mask has no flakes. The gel like consistency, smell, and application are all very similar to the Fresh rose mask.

Pretty much the same product in my opinion. The consistency, the color, the smell, even the application and wait time. If I were given a blind test, I wouldn't be able to tell this one and Fresh's rose mask apart. The outcome of this is very hydrating as well without the residue leftover feeling.

This company is known for it's organic products so if you're looking for all natural ingredients for a really affordable price, check them out!

The scent for this is pretty strong as well so caution is advised for those with sensitive sense of smell.


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