Monday, June 20, 2016

Back to the BASICS

Back to the basics
[shopping tip 1. 0]

Basic pieces are smart investments to your closets. Basics can tone down a crazy print or enhance a classic look. They are also versatile and just... classic [deja-vu]. Basics will save you a good amount of money when it comes to shopping - which may help with a minimal lifestyle. Basics definitely are a must-have because they are so versatile.

My definition of basics might not be the same as others. The "basics" that I will be covering today are pieces that I believe will go with anything in your wardrobe. Basics you can really incorporate in any outfit and any style. A good quality basic can last you for awhile. This will give you endless possibilities. 

Of course everything has to be monochrome in color
What pieces to invest on:

Neutral tone Trench Coat: This is very versatile piece that can but dressed up or down. [Using the versatile word again? yea, it's in the "basic's" definition] Just add one on top of any outfit and walk out the door. It'll give you that classy Audrey Hepburn look. I actually currently don't have one at the moment except maybe a winter one, so it's an investment I am searching quite carefully for. 

Chambray button down: This maybe applies to as a basic but with a slight twist. As a typical pair of blue jeans goes with everything, so will this chambray button down will too. Again this piece you can dress up or down depending on the occasion. Style it up with some statement pieces and you're ready for a date out or pair it with some leggings and you're ready for any errands and such.

Back at it again with the chambray shirt; see versatile! 

White T -shirt: This was a classic pieces then, this is a classic piece now, this will be a classic piece forever. Until the day we start wearing space suits and futuristic clothing, this will always be a classic piece. It's so plain and the ultimate versatile piece; more than anything other pieces that will be mentioned. This can be worn in the winter, in the summer, spring AND fall. Layered, alone, and everything in between. 

Black Leather Jacket: An awesome leather jacket. This may differ from person to person but I really think a leather jacket is a key piece. It'll give you a bit of edge to any outfit and it's a classic look. I guess it depends on your style but with any style: girly, tomboy, grunge, hipster - a leather jacket can really spice up an outfit.

Photo by @bettyslook

Blue Jeans: Obviously this is no brainer. This is a universal classic piece. Having a few different shades of blue can be mixed and matched with any top 

Blue Jean jacket: I'm starting to see a trend here. Yes denim jacket as well. Same reasoning as blue denim jeans and the chambray shirt. It'll go with everything and anything. No brainer.

The Ultimate tip: Make sure your investments are good quality. Does not necessarily have to be expensive but a good quality item for anything will last you longer & is cost effective!

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"Fly me to the moon to shop but bring me back to earth to flaunt it" - Me

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