Monday, July 6, 2015

Bacation Boston Outfit Log

Went on a #baecation to Boston this past week and had an awesome time! I didn't bring my dslr this time so the quality of the pictures aren't that great PLUS I wanted to enjoy my time there instead of log everything so, all the pictures are through my iPhone6.  Enjoy!

Hat: Forever21
Top: Marshalls
Shorts: GAP
Shoes: Lucky Brand
Bag: Nine West

Looks familiar? Have you checked out the new SISTAR - Shake it" MV. 
Now check these out, HOW could you say no? right?? Sighhh but I let these go because my man thought it was too cheap (quality-wise). Which I may have to agree but my heart still aches for these. 

Day 1 - Morning outfit (it was rainy and chilly)

Cheetah Top: Forever 21
Cropped Sweater: Hollister

Day 2 - evening outfit (weather got extremely hot and muggy)

Flannel: Heritage
Top: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Lucky Brand

Day 3 - Forgot to take a picture of this outfit (oops - bad fashion blogger)

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