Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer 2015 Essentials: Beauty Edition

Yes there are such things as seasonal makeup & skincare. Depending on the weather, my skin acts a certain way so I must cater to it's needs. This is my summer essentials that I have been using since the weather is becoming warmer. I live in the northeast so it does get pretty hot but also VERY humid. So here's my list!

1. Maybelline Anti-aging Concealer (Medium)

My absolute PERFECT shade. I don't think I've ever found anything that would match my skin color. On those days I don't feel like putting on a lot of make up, I use this. As long as my skin is not breaking out or too hyper-pigmented, I just give myself a little touch up using this to conceal huge, noticeable spots. 

2. Etude House Precious Mineral On Cushion (Honey Beige & Medium Beige)

[Left: Medium] [Right: Honey Beige]

My summer foundation. It isn't my ideal summer foundation but it does the job. This product is from a popular Korean brand known for their super cute packaging. And most of their products are great! This compact comes in a sponge form drenched in BB cream. Smells like flowers! And the reason this is my go to summer foundation product is SPF50+!!! One of the most important thing anyone needs in the summer. It gives medium coverage and it does hides my pores so I'm not complaining too much. I also like the fact that this is compact so I can bring it anywhere for a little touch up. Add some powder on top and it stays put for most of the day. 

3. Oil Blotting Sheets

I bring these just about EVERYWHERE. My complex is definitely my combination skin but when it's super hot out, the oils  on my face just rage. So I always keep these handy to just blot blot blot!

4. Summer Lips

Been obsessed with bright colors and pink shades on my lips. I don't like wearing a lot of make up in the summer, so the vibrant colored lips definitely makes the look pop. 

Revlon butter "Sweet Tart" : Bright Pink
NYX "Stella" : Shimmery Neon Pink
Revlon just bitten kissable "Rendezvous" : Orange
NYX MAT "Angel" : Dark Mauve Pink
YSL Rough Pur Couture "52 Rosy Coral" : Coral pink

5. Wild Bath Body Scrub
GREAT exfoliant! Leaves your skin silky smooth and makes you feel clean. For some reason my skin has been getting dry and scaly (which usually only happens in the winter for me) so this helps me get rid of any dead skin so I can moisturize with ease after my shower. It is a little bit on the pricier side I guess BUT it's totally worth it! All natural ingredients and smells amazing! 


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