Wednesday, January 7, 2015

{REVIEW} Spin Blue Spookyeyes

Distributor Company: ""
Distributor Location: UK

Spin blue lenses without flash

Brand: "Dream Eyes."
Color: "Spin Blue"
Diameter: 14.2
Validity: 12 months
Made in: Korea
FDA Approved
Packaging is same as the ones in my previous Spookyeyes review. You can find it HERE
No Lenses

Spin Blue lense + Flash has variety of beautiful and crazy contact lenses for just about any occasion.

Pros: BEAUTIFUL color and look. Great for parties, going out, halloween. They were easy to put on and comfortable at first application.

Con: I wish they were prescribed. With these, I have to wear glasses and it doesn't show the full effect of the color. It is also not for everyday wear because after awhile they were uncomfortable and my eyes were irritated.

Make sure you read their Contact Lens Information and Safety to ensure the best quality and usage of their lens. (Directions and information can also be found inside the box - just be careful when opening it so you don't rip any of the info).

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