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[REVIEW & SWATCHES] Up All Night: The Looks Collection

Hello One Direction Fans.  Look at what's coming soon! A Make Up line by One Direction themselves partnering with called "The Looks Collection." Limited Edition. This line has three different "Looks" to it. 
I wrote a brief description in the previous post about the kits which can be found here

Video gives you a more interactive view to the all the products in this make up kit

It comes in a tin box like so. I love the brick wall theme going on and definitely reusable to store stuff in. Maybe use it for a future DIY project.

When you open it up one side has a little description or tips on how to use each make up product.

The other side has all the make up products in an organized fashion. 

Body Stencil
I tried using the eye/body pencil on my arm but it was difficult obviously trying to use one hand to do everything. So I definitely recommend using these maybe on the face area where you can really use both hands to color in the stencil while holding the stencil itself down flat on your skin. 

4 + 1 Eye Shadow Palette
VERY pigmented. I suggest you tap your brush on the eye shadow gently because SO MUCH got on the brush even with a light rub. All the colors are SUPER pigmented besides the middle blue color.
Middle blue color is more of a cream glitter finish that is good for layering over your eye shadow for a little sparkle
Swatches down below
Description of color up top

Eye & Body Pencil: "Stand Up"
Dark blue
So you can use it as an eye shadow as well as for your stencil body art. Highly pigmented and hard to come off (even with make up wipes) so it will definitely last all night long through your sweat and tears and everything in between.

Lipstick: "I should have kissed you"
Matte pale pink lipstick
I love the formula of this product. It applied on very smoothly and it was very creamy and hydrating for your lips. I wish I could pull of this beautiful pink but color wasn't really my style and not good for my skin tone. HOWEVER, for anyone with a darker skin tone or just want the edgy look, this pink is perfect. Kind of reminds me of the lipsticks they use for the fancy people in the hunger games.

Make sure your lips are not chappy because when I first applied it to my dry chappy lips, you can see all the lines and crevices on your lips and it was not pretty.

Lip Gloss: "Taken"
Sheer glittery pink lip gloss
The color was really pretty but the texture was a little more on the sticky side. The glitter in the gloss felt a little grainy on your lips so if you don't like that texture, I suggest not to use this one.
BUT THE FUN PART is that it glows orange under UV light! I think I'm loving this already.

Mascara: "Little Black Dress"
Black Mascara with an angled brush for precision
The brush is what sold me. This is the first mascara with an angled brush and I loved it. The application was just so much easier especially for my inner corner hard to reach eye lashes. 

editt: I'm not sure if the mascara was actually supposed to be angled anymore but hey it worked out for me - you can see in the video

Nail Polish: "Na Na Na"
Mermaid blue Metallic Nail polish
Color is great for everyday wear and the formula just gave your nails a smooth glossy finish

Swatches (from left to right)
  • "Up all night"
  • "Another world"
  • "Save you tonight"
  • "More than this"
  • "Gotta be you"
  • "Stand up"
  • "Taken"
  • "I should have kissed you" 

Overall: I don't really go to concerts or music festivals where a huge pop of color is a good thing. So this color palette isn't my go to (even when just going out) but I think the colors of this kit  is very bold, bright, and fun just like the band. The colors will definitely POP in photos. I'm more of a neutral tone kind of girl BUT I was pretty impressed with this line: the pigmentation and longitivtiy of wear. GOOD JOB ONE DIRECTION + MARKWINS! The packaging was just so cute and urban.
So for me I'd probably use this color palette for one of those photo shoots with a bolder smokey eye look.

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Limited Edition so hurry can get it once it hits the stores!

The line will be available worldwide starting in the U.S. 

Macy's - August 11th
Stage Stores – August 25th
Dillards – August 25th
Beauty Brands – August 25th
Lord and Taylor - August 25th

*International release dates TBD

*sample sent by but words are my own*

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