Wednesday, August 13, 2014


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I am SOOOO not a morning person. I usually don't struggle waking up in the morning because I have this thing where I feel really bad if my alarm wakes anyone up (ie. roommates). I don't have that issue anymore because I don't have roommates but now it's just "muscle memory" if that makes any sense. 

So once I wake up - I always have to use the bathroom. Nature always calls because I drink a lot of water throughout the day and even the hour before bed I'm still drinking water. So I just go do my biz and then wash up! The products I like using in the morning are:

  1. Clarisonic Mia - I've been using this a lot lately & especially in the morning, my "Night skincare" regimens usually leave my skin really oily when I wake up so it takes away all the impurities and products used the night before so I can prepare a clean palette for the "Morning skincare" regimens.
  2. The Body Shop - Tea Tree cleanser - It gives me a bit of a minty/cooling feeling on my face which allows me to wake up and feel refreshed. 
  3. Sheisdeo Pure Toner - I struggle with oily skin and this line helps me control. 
  4. Valentia Even glow Serum - I am currently testing this out right now. You can find the "first impression" review here. 
  5. Sheisedo Pure Lotion - Again as mentioned before I use this for oil control, but it is also very moisturizing and the consistency is very thin so it applies/dries quickly.

Then I also need that cup of water in the morning. A cup of water in the morning helps your body to cleanse out your system from the day before. Plus its refreshing. 

This is actually a new step in my mornings. A Cup of coffee using my Keurig. I don't actually like coffee however, I've been realizing the need of caffeine in the morning. Which I am not liking right now to be honest but hey what can you do right? 

For breakfast - I'm REALLY RANDOM when it comes to breakfast. Sometimes I eat dinner food for breakfast, sometimes I just eat a granola bar. Breakfast is the most IMPORTANT meal of the day but it also my least favorite but I at least attempt to eat something. My wide range of taste palettes ranges from:

Bowl of cereal
Mama Noodles
Smoked salmon sandwich with cheese and tomatos
Granola Bar

Pretty random right?

To start my day, I walk my little princess every morning so she can do her own biz. It gives me a pretty good exercise because she's very picky on where she "likes to go," and as well as a great tan!

And now I can start my day doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. 



  1. Love love love the tea tree face wash!!

    xx shabnam

    1. :D
      Have you tried the other products in the tea tree line? Any of them you recommend??