Sunday, January 19, 2014

Meow Prada Meow - Meow

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When I saw this, I almost fainted. It is of course a little bizarre and out there at first BUT it gives a sense of elegance with a pinch of a playful feel. Absolutely adorable for a casual day out with friends around the city. However, I wish it had a cross body strap/chain that is detachable for those times you just don't want to hold on to a clutch and want free hands. Or maybe it does but the picture is not showing it.

I've seen other "cat" design clutches and purses, but it's always too much overkill. This bag though, is simple with a little flare on the side. It'll bring any simple outfit to life!

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  1. Such a cute clutch. Tutu would live this, she's so into kitties right now