Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bijou Bisou - Hi I'm G

Bijou - Bisou
Small & Elegant (or jewel) - Kiss

Hi, this is G. This isn't going to be like my "About Me" introduction where I talk about my background. This is me talking about what I'm passionate for and why I started this blog. 

Couple years ago, I started this blog thinking it would be easy to post my "outfit of the day" and become the next Aimee Song, or Hapa Time, or Extra Petite. Yea I was pretty naive. My optimistic thinking made my dreams seem very realistic, which isn't bad, but my execution of this dream was sub par. I wasn't able to post regularly, school got in the way, and I gave myself many different excuses to not post anything. Then I came to realize there are billions and billions of girls that blog - fashion blog, beauty blog, travel blog, etc. It wasn't a new territory that needed to be discovered, it was overpopulated. One day I was sitting in my room, on Facebook thinking why am I blogging? Why am I taking the time to take pictures, and edit when my readers size isn't so big. Who am I reaching out to? Who is actually even reading my blog or checking out my posts? How can I be different amongst the billions of fashion bloggers out there? Hello!??? Is anyone even out there??

So what are my main motives? To gain popularity? To get free stuff? To make money? Mmmm I began to think about it some more. Again Why am I blogging? What is the point? 

I post because I love it and it gives me peace. The enjoyment that I get when I look at other blogs, I want others to feel happy and inspired when they read my blog. Even if I reach out to only a handful of people, I am satisfied.

I am trying to go more so along the line of a fashion blog because that is what I'm decently good at. Beauty blogging is just a hobby and a side interest, but fashion is my life. It sounds very superficial but fashion is my way of expressing to the world who I am. When I walk through the door, I don't walk out with an outfit that will please others, I walk out with an outfit that pleases me. Fashion is also an art form. I don't believe in all the rules of what you can wear and not. If it makes you confident and brings a positive reflection on yourself, YOU DO YOU GIRL! Fashion has no rules, no matter what any super duper designer or fashionista says. 

I've thought about giving up many times because of the overpopulation and getting people to notice you - you need to work hard and excel and improve all the bits and pieces of your blog and skills. I was overwhelmed by the hard work and necessity that needs to be put into a blog I was about to give up. But I decided to be committed to my territory here on the interweb.  Even if I don't get popular or even noticed, my blog will go on. This is my escape to my happy place. Fashion and blogging isn't about getting popular, it's about allowing my creativity run free on the interweb and inspiring others if they happen to land here. 

Welcome to the new comers and hello again to those that have been around =)
I appreciate every one of you that read or even just look at my blog. I love you!

I am small but I seal my passion with a kiss
Bijou Bisou. 



  1. Cute photos :)
    Maria V.