Friday, May 22, 2015

{REVIEW} Radha Beauty - Skin Clearing Serum

"Skin Clearing & Anti Aging Serum for face, wrinkles, acne & blemished skin with Vitamin C Serum 20%, Retinol 2.5%, Salicylic Acid 2%, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip and Lavender Oil"

Let me just get right into it. The 'Radha Beauty Skin Clearing Serum' in my experience is legit. Coming from a girl that has a lot of hyper-pigmentation, large pores, redness, dryness, etc. I can stand by this product. Skincare was always my #1 issue because of the sensitivity of my skin but I would recommend this to anyone of any skin type. 

My background, besides what I stated above, I've dealt with everything you can possibly think of except cystic acne. My acne was severe but never gotten to the cystic acne stage. Due to all the acne I was left with a lot of scarring and hyper-pigmentation. 

Now, this serum comes in a silver bottle with a pump. The bottle actually very similar to the "Skin79 BB cream" pump bottle. The consistency is very milky & liquidity so be careful when pumping it out. This serum has a strong smell that not many people may like. It smells very earthy and spicy (scent of many different spice). "Natural and organic ingredients that make it safe for all skin types - even oily skin. Glides on smoothly and absorbs fast and won't irritate or burn your skin!" No fillers, harmful fragrances, dyes, or parabens! Cruelty Free!

I've been using this for about a month now and I do see results. A lot of the redness went away and my skin has gotten a lot more smoother. You apply it after you use your toner, I personally was using the Sheisedo Pureness line. Then after the serum, you do your normal moisturizing and the rest of your skincare routine. It doesn't leave your face too oily or any dry patches. 

I'm sorry - I forgot before and after pictures but I do recommend this to anyone. I definitely will repurchase this once I'm finished with my bottle.

If you're interested on purchasing, check it out on Amazon.
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Disclaimer: Product was provided by "Radha Beauty," but words are 100% my own.


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