Monday, February 9, 2015

The Well Coffeehouse

Photo from their website (link at end of post)

Located in Nashville or Brentwood, Tennessee, is where a little, but not too little, coffeeshop resides.
I went to the Brentwood shop with some friends after church and was blown away. Totally hipster vibe but I loved it. You can totally see kids from college hitting up this place for their green tea lattes in their eco-friendly cups and Herschel backpacks. The staff was super nice and the atmosphere was soothing. Perfect place to study or just talk with friends. I think I was taken back by the way  they brewed their coffee, like whoa (picture below). I didn't take too many photos because the place was packed and I didn't want to get into anyone's business but here's a few!

Mayan Mocha Latte. Absolutely delicious!

That's how they make their coffee?? Totes geeking out. Huge beakers and everything!

I did some research on this place and took my breath away. They are a non-profit missional coffeehouse that loves to give back.  Read more about it on their website also
 donate if you heart desires. You get good coffee AND make a difference.


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